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NFC (Near Field Communication) only works from within a very short range about 10 centimeters max although generally speaking with the way the software is implemented you pretty much have to tap devices against each other or wave them very near to each other with very close proximity. That’s very redundant but I hope you guys get the point it only works from very close range. Now you may have heard of something similar called RFID it’s even more likely that you’ve seen RFID in action than NFC credit cards branded with pay wave or pay pass utilize  RFID technology but it’s a little bit different.

NFC wavelinx

RFID is read-only which means that the information that is sent from your card to the reader cannot be returned. It’s just one way NFC builds on that technology and allows for full two-way communication between devices so a couple of the ways that NFC gets used is for example in the jelly bean revision of Android Google implemented an NFC functionality that allows you to basically just have devices together and it’ll fire up Bluetooth and then instantly pair those devices so there’s no more fumbling around with searching for devices and entering pairing keys and stuff like that you just tap and you’re good to go Samsung Galaxy devices use an NFC technology that they brand as sbeam except that instead of using NFC to enable Bluetooth they use it to enable a Wi-Fi direct link between the two devices for ongoing communications.

You can use that for file transfer and all kinds of other cool stuff Wi-Fi direct also has the advantage over Bluetooth of being much higher bandwidth supporting up to 300 megabit per second now many smart phones these days have NFC including Google Nexus devices blackberries.

NFC tags are actually not very expensive and set these around in common places in your daily life to control your phones for example in your car you might have a phone mount you can throw an NFC tag in there and as soon as you pop it in it opens up your navigation and you know so you can tell it’s a navigate to work. For best products Check Here Blue Prox